The INSTITUTE OF FINANCIAL LAW is an independent non-profit institution aiming to contribute to the development of financial law via scientific, educational and practical activities. One of the main targets of the IFL is to propagate exchange of information and experience on the international level, thus contributing to the development of financial instruments and practices as well as to the sophistication of the respective regulatory and supervisory framework. Research and education activities remain among our main instruments in increasing the efficiency of financial regulation and greater security of the clients of financial services.

The Institute of Financial Law performs such main scientific, educational and practical activities in the field of financial law:

Research & Expertise

IFL initiates and performs scientific research, national and international projects on issues related to the financial law. The research is carried out by the team of respective IFL internal as well external experts. IFL also takes part as a participant in national, EU and international projects on financial law and issues related to this field. In its research IFL promotes transnational cooperation and interdisciplinarity. Upon request from the private and public entities IFL also performs expert evaluations on the issues of financial law.


The research performed by the IFL is targeted to its later implementation in practice. The IFL cooperates with private and public entities, including law firms, business companies and government institutions, aiming to implement the results of the research into practice.


The IFL targets to disseminate information on the results of its work as well as the work of other researches and practitioners in the field of the financial law. IFL thus promotes publications of its experts. The IFL aims to publish books and articles, both on paper and in digital form, on the issues of financial law and disseminates such publications via its website and other channels.

Educational activities

FTI skatina švietimą, susijusį su finansų teise ir kitomis teisės šakomis. FTI organizuoja ir remia švietimo projektus, skirtus ir plačiajai visuomenei ir profesionalams. FTI organizuoja ir konkrečioms įmonėms, organizacijoms ar institucijoms skirtus seminarus bei renginius.

Conferences and seminars

The IFL organises conferences and seminars relating to the issues of financial law and favours in particular international cooperation in this field. Also, the IFL promotes active participation of its experts in the scientific and practice oriented events organised by the national and international private and public institutions.

“FIN-LEG-LIT” projektas

2020-2022 metais VšĮ Finansų teisės institutas, kartu su partnerių organizacijomis iš keturių ES šalių, vykdo ES finansuojamą “FIN-LEG-LIT” projektą, skirtą didinti finansinį bei teisinį ES piliečių raštingumą. Daugiau informacijos apie projektą rasite adresu www.finleglit.eu

The Institute of Financial Law was founded by three legal experts, with wide scientific, practical and educational experience both on national an international level and combining expertise from different field of their respective activities.


IFL Director, tomas@finlaw.lt

Dr. Tomas Veršinskas is lecturing financial law in the University of Vytautas Magnus since 2009 (Kaunas, Lithuania). Dr. Veršinskas specialises in the field of structured finance and the securitisation in particular. Dr. Veršinskas has obtained his doctors degree in Sorbonne Paris Cité University (Paris XIII) (Subject of the thesis: Securitisation under Lithuanian Law: Theory and Practice).


IFL Deputy director, nerijus@finlaw.lt

Nerijus Strikulys is a licensed bankruptcy administrator and manages one of the biggest bankruptcy portfolios in Lithuania. Besides his activities in the field of bankruptcy Nerijus Strikulys also lectures in the University of Vytautas Magnus (Kaunas, Lithuania) and carries out his doctoral research in the field of financial law.


Attorney at Paris Bar, France mazvydas@finlaw.lt

Dr. Mažvydas Michalauskas is an attorney in Paris, France and specialises in business law, with particular emphasis on arbitration. Dr. Michalauskas has obtained his doctors degree in Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne university and started his legal practice in 2004. Dr. Michalauskas has lectured in Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne (France) university as well as in the University of Vytautas Magnus (Kaunas, Lithuania) (Financial Law).